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Learn How Data & Analytics Benefit Your Business


Influencing purchase behavior becomes possible when you understand the individual basket and purchase history data.

Acquire New Customers, Provide Value Differentiators, Target Known Customer Profiles (New Lines of Revenue)
In-Store Wifi / Mobile App, Real-Time Geo-Fencing (Scalable Solution)
Artificial Intelligence, Personalized Offers, Aggregate Data Analysis from Merged Databases (Media Attribution)
In-Store Offers, Real Time Basket Data, Contextual Marketing (Measurable ROI)

The Landscape Has Changed

SMBs traditionally do not have the ability to analyze their business data beyond the surface.


Recovery of Customer Values
Do you know what your customer purchased last time they visited?


Frequency of Customer Visits
Do you remember how often they visit and their purchase history?


360° View of Customer Behaviour & Purchase History
Are you maximizing opportunities to increase more sales with the best offers at the right time, at the right price and for the right products?
Moving to Total Known Customer

The Loop Data Exchange (LDX)


LDX is where brands and agencies partner with retailers and Loop to access and monetize the TKC


LDX is the roadmap to maximize ARPL and ARPU as a function of the Total Known Customer

Maximize Average Revenue Per Location (ARPL) & Per User (ARPU)

Tactics & Action


Convert Casual Customer to TKC

- Wi-Fi Hotspot Invite - Branded Mobile App - Rewards Program - Monetize Customer Base - Data and Measurement

Increase Basket & Composition

- Purchase History Based Incentives & Offers - Pairing of Promotions to Products - Metrics and Conversion Loop - Push Notifications to Mobile App

Increase Loyalty & Visit Frequency

- Incentives & Promotional Offers - Contests & VIP Promotions - Incentivized Offers - Geo-Fencing & Geo-Targeting

Increase Customer Count

- Social Media & Viral Engagement - Customer Referrals & Shares - Cross Promotional Advertising - Extending Marketing Reach thru Mobile

The Key is Matching Your Customer to Checkout

Whether you are a one store, one employee operator all the way up to a Fortune 500 global enterprise, Loop LDX is an agnostic, plug and play platform that is accessible and a realistic, viable option for any sized company.
The solutions deployed by large retailers, agencies or global brands are very sophisticated, require high-level IT integration and therefore cost prohibitive.  These factors are a huge obstacle for almost all small & medium sized businesses… until now.
Absolutely. “Big Data” and business intelligence platforms provide new methods to increase sales and consumer engagement which naturally result in superior growth for retail businesses that adopt them. It also narrows the gap between digital/e-commerce & physical/brick & mortar retailing as data analysis and business intelligence help drive strategy to integrate your sales channels into a seamless relationship between the brands, retailers, and consumers.

Digital retailers like Amazon have entered into the grocery business including beer, wine and spirits retailing – omnichannel marketing and the concept of “Total Known Customer” are crucial in order to not only expand your customer base, but to protect it as well.

Increase In Revenue
Positive Feedback
More Conversion

Loop Data Exchange

Growing ARPL (Average Revenue Per Location) & ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)


Programmatic (social media & mobile). Reshaping of marketing and LTO allocations


Customized, segmented and targeted advertising on aggregated basis. Unique, exclusive contest offerings to drive customer engagement and activation.

Data Insights & Basket Analytics

Strategic Joint Venture and Brand Partnerships

Cross Promotions

Brands, In-Location Assets, 3rd Party Partners

The Loop strategy is focused on increasing transactions and sales, customer visit frequency, total customer count across all sales and marketing channels while measuring the results in real time.

Loop marketing solutions have partnered with some of the largest consumer brands in the world to deliver exceptional results. We can’t stand average, and our clients can’t either.

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